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Membership Renewal 2023

To renew your membership, KlM-GNA members need only pay the annual dues for 2023You do not need to fill out the Membership Renewal Form, unless there have been changes in your personal situation (new address, phone number or e-mail) or you wish to terminate your membership. In case of changes, email Gretchen Zwerlein, Membership Director, E-mail:

  1. By PayPal in the online Shop of the website (, then look for “Annual Membership Renewal 2023” and follow the prompts)
  2. Or send a check payable to “KlM-GNA” to:
    Joe Yoder, Treasurer, 5420 N. Chester Road, Charlotte, MI 48813

Please note: KlM-GNA publishes a Membership List in the password-protected Member Area of the club website, unless you ask to opt out of this list.

Full Membership renewal (prior to Feb. 1st) – $70

Please note!
Full Membership renewal (after Jan. 31st) – $80

2022 KlM Calendars are here!

We just received a shipment of KlM calendars from Germany!
The calendars cost $25 (includes shipping) and have wonderful photos and short sayings in German about hunting and our dogs. Each month has a beautiful photo of our KlM in a variety of hunting and domestic situations.

To order:

Planning for our 2021 events is happening now…

KlM-GNA is busy planning events for the 2021 calendar.

The Annual Membership Meeting has been scheduled in February, our VJP in April and our HZP in September.  Also in the works are a possible VGP, as well as 1 (maybe 2?!) hunting get-togethers in October and/or November.  Not to mention various training events that may pop up this summer.  Be sure to check our Calendar page under News & Events for details!

Another Milestone for KlM-GNA!

Photo credit: Denise Heath



KlM-GNA is proud to announce that we are hosting our first HZP and IMP-B tests!

Fifteen dogs will be testing in Wapello, IA over Sept. 8-10, 2017.  A corresponding breed show will also be held during the weekend.

Special thanks to all those who volunteered their time and effort to organize this testing weekend and best of luck to all handlers & their dogs!

Congratulations Ken Bremer!!

We would like to share that Ken Bremer has been awarded the Silver Union Badge from KlM-D (Germany) for his service and tireless work to communicate between KlM-D & KlM-GNA and for his help in facilitating the smooth establishment of GNA into KlM-D!
Please join us in Congratulating Ken!!

Well done and thank you for all that you do!


KlM-GNA accepted as member of the JGHV!

Membership confirmation letter, JGHV

On December 22, 2015, President John Liscovitz received the attached letter confirming KlM-GNA as a new member in the JGHV (German Versatile Hunting Dog Association).  What is the JGHV? According to the JGV-USA, the U.S. affiliate of the JGHV,

“The JGHV is the umbrella organization of all versatile hunting dog clubs in Germany. They have been largely responsible for the success of the German performance based breeding system by providing standardized tests for all versatile hunting dogs. Existing for almost a century now, JGHV testing standards bind all breeding organizations, including those represented here in the U.S. By evaluating the breeding quality of dogs through examination of their performance record and that of their offspring, German breeders consistently produce dogs most suitable for the modern foot hunter. These dogs exhibit a high degree of cooperation and trainability coupled with an ability to handle any game you desire to hunt.”

The most significant consequence of this new membership for KlM-GNA is that we can now organize our own JGHV tests, whether the VJP, HZP, VGP or any of the specialty tests which evaluate specific aspects of a versatile hunting dog’s skills (e.g. blood tracking, retrieving game, independent search, etc.).

For more informaton, contact Secretary Ken Bremer (

KlM-GNA is now a Landesgruppe!

It’s Official!!

On March 21, 2015 in Fulda, Germany, the Annual Meeting of the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer e.V. voted unanimouly to make Kleine Munsterlander- Group North America (KlM-GNA) the 17th Landesgruppe of the German club. This important milestone marks another important step in the growing partnership between KlM-GNA and the parent country of our breed.  Congratulations to all!!


The Kleine Munsterlander featured in Gun Dog Magazine

Gun Dog Cover

The latest issue of Gun Dog Magazine (March/April 2015 – Annual Puppy Issue) features the Kleine or Small Munsterlander and is on newsstands now!  Photos of KlM-GNA member dogs and pups are in the spread.  A Julson Kennel pup is on the cover.  Julson’s Dream is pictured in the first three pictures of the Small Munsterlander feature article. The last two pictures are of John Sarvis’s JayDee.