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KlM-GNA accepted as member of the JGHV!

Membership confirmation letter, JGHV

On December 22, 2015, President John Liscovitz received the attached letter confirming KlM-GNA as a new member in the JGHV (German Versatile Hunting Dog Association).  What is the JGHV? According to the JGV-USA, the U.S. affiliate of the JGHV,

“The JGHV is the umbrella organization of all versatile hunting dog clubs in Germany. They have been largely responsible for the success of the German performance based breeding system by providing standardized tests for all versatile hunting dogs. Existing for almost a century now, JGHV testing standards bind all breeding organizations, including those represented here in the U.S. By evaluating the breeding quality of dogs through examination of their performance record and that of their offspring, German breeders consistently produce dogs most suitable for the modern foot hunter. These dogs exhibit a high degree of cooperation and trainability coupled with an ability to handle any game you desire to hunt.”

The most significant consequence of this new membership for KlM-GNA is that we can now organize our own JGHV tests, whether the VJP, HZP, VGP or any of the specialty tests which evaluate specific aspects of a versatile hunting dog’s skills (e.g. blood tracking, retrieving game, independent search, etc.).

For more informaton, contact Secretary Ken Bremer (

2016 KlM-GNA Membership Dues Reminder!

Your membership has enabled KlM-GNA to accomplish so much in 2015!  Please join us again in 2016, as we continue to build the premiere breed club in North America for the Kleine Münsterländer.

Please fill out the 2016 Renewal Form below and mail a check for $60 (payable to KlM-GNA) to:

Leanne Jacoby
KlM-GNA, Treasurer
9674 Hale Ave. S.
Cottage Grove, MN 55016

2016 Renewals are due by January 1, 2016. You will receive a review of 2015 and first information on some of the exciting plans for 2016 in December’s “President’s Letter”.


Annual December KlM Get Together 2015 – Anchorage, AK

Chuck (and Reka), me( John Sarvis) (and JayDee), Scott (and Sam Adams), and Dennis and Will (and Paxson). After the dog walk, we adjourned to the house and joined Kathy and Carol (and grandson, Ely). Thanks for all the great food everyone brought, the wonderful hungarian partridges that Kathy cooked up, and the great fellowship catching up on what everyone was doing. And all of the dogs behaved well in the house. It was a fun day for us and the dogs

This is the group from the Anchorage, Alaska Area at their annual December Get Together organized by John Sarvis and Kathy Campbell.

Aurora SM 2015