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Where in the world was Jim and why?

Recently, Jim Julson had the opportunity to take two of his females to Germany to be bred with two outstanding males.  It was an amazing experience!  The friendship and hospitality was incredible, as always!


While he was there, he was able to meet and visit with the canine reproduction division of the University at Munich.

KlM-GNA will be working with them to harvest semen from select KlM German males to be sent to the USA for KlM-GNA use.  These are just a couple of examples of the extraordinary relationship and support we have with our German friends and KlM-Germany!!

President of KlM-Germany to Attend 2015 Oberländer-HZP

This year President of the German KlM club, Dietrich Berning, will join us for the 2015 Oberländer-HZP. He will judge at the HZP tests, evaluate KlM participating in the Breed Show, offer Conformation Training and Puppy Training and be available to talk about a whole range of issues concerning our club, the German parent club, KlM International, and a host of other issues relevant to the global versatile hunting dog community.

 4. Foto Berning Grußwort

Dietrich Berning, President of the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer

Dietrich Berning is President of both the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer, a club with over 5,000 members and 17 Landesgruppen (regional chapters), and the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer International. He is attending the Oberländer HZP for the first time as a “Verbandsrichter” and Conformation Judge.  Mr. Berning will preside over the KlM Breed Show and offer a seminar for apprentices seeking accredition as KlM Conformation Judges.

Dietrich Berning successfully handled a versatile dog through the VJP, HZP and VGP for the first time in 1974 and has had a German hunting license since 1978. He became a member of the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer in 1989 and has held a variety of leadership posts in the club in the past 16 years. First, Mr. Berning was the Breed Warden of the KlM Landesgruppe Rheinland from 1996-2002 and then President of the Landesgruppe Rheinland from 1999-2015.  At the national level, he has been Chairman of the Working Group “Training and Testing” from 2004-2010, Vice President from 2010-2012 before becoming President in 2012. Recently, he was also named President of KlM International.

Mr. Berning has been a „Verbandsrichter“ since 1991, a Conformation Judge since 1994, a Specialist Breed Judge (“Spezialzuchtrichter”) since 2004 and a Teaching Judge (“Lehrrichter”) since 2008. In addition to his functions for the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer, he has been the President of the JGV Hubertus Wesel since 1990 and the Chairman for Versatile Hunting Dogs (“Obmann für das Jagdgebrauchshundewesen”) in the Wesel Hunting Association (Kreisjägerschaft Wesel) since 1995. He is an active KlM breeder, handler and hunter who enjoys the hunting opportunities for small and large game in his area.

Dietrich Berning hails from the city of Hamminkeln, which is about 15 miles from the Dutch border in the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. He is the President of a family-owned construction company, has been married for 35 years, and has two children and three grandchildren.

KlM-GNA is now a Landesgruppe!

It’s Official!!

On March 21, 2015 in Fulda, Germany, the Annual Meeting of the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer e.V. voted unanimouly to make Kleine Munsterlander- Group North America (KlM-GNA) the 17th Landesgruppe of the German club. This important milestone marks another important step in the growing partnership between KlM-GNA and the parent country of our breed.  Congratulations to all!!


Former President of KlM Germany to Attend Oberlaender 2014

bdj2The Board of KlM-GNA was recently informed that Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen, a former President of KlM Germany, founder of KlM International and a well-known, respected figure in the German versatile hunting dog world, will attend the Oberlaender HZP as a performance and conformation judge.  After judging at the HZP tests on Thursday and Friday, September 11-12, he will preside over the KlM Breed Show and speak about the Kleine Munsterlander at the Parade of Breeds on Saturday, before joining the KlM-GNA club meeting on Sunday, September 14th.

Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen is 72 years old, and has owned and handled hunting dogs (Dachshund and Kleine Münsterländer) for 38 years.  He has been a JGHV performance and blood-track judge for 30 years.  He is a special conformation judge and judge trainer for the KlM breed.

For 10 years, Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen was the President of the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer Vorstehhunde e.V., a club with over 5,000 members and 16 regional Landesgruppen.  (The KlM is the third most popular versatile hunting dog in Germany, after the DD and DK.)  He was the founder of KlM-International in 2004 and has served as its President until 2014 when he will “hand over the reins” to KlM Germany President, Dietrich Berning.

Though “officially” retired, Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen continues to work as a business consultant and advisor for the two firms which he established, Mentis Consulting, a successful HR consulting firm, and Perkura GmbH, a leading provider of outsourcing services.

Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen lives in the town of Schwabach, just outside of Nurnberg with his wife Edda and Charly, a young Kleine Munsterlander. He continues to be an avid hunter, who oversees a large hunting area outside of Nürnberg, Germany.