Join KlM-GNA

We are pleased with your interest in KlM-GNA and hope you will join us in building a dynamic and exciting breed club for the Kleiner Münsterländer. Our Club is comprised of hunters interested in training, testing, breeding, and hunting the finest possible Kleine (Small) Münsterländer in North America. We take great pride in our successful efforts to establish a strong relationship with the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer e.V., the parent club of the Kleine Münsterländer, as well as with Kleine Münsterländer-International (KlM-I). In 2015 we became an official chapter (Landesgruppe) of the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer, the first chapter outside of Germany, and a member of the Jagdgebrauchshundverband e.V. (JGHV or German Versatile Hunting Dog Association).


You will meet and be associated with members dedicated to the preservation of the KlM as a versatile and healthy hunting dog. JGHV natural ability and performance test results, Breed Show evaluations, hip test valuations, and genetic data are integrated into the so-called “Dogbase” breeding program and are the foundation of the German breeding philosophy, which has so successfully bred healthy and proficient KlM hunting dogs for decades. As a chapter of the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer e.V., KlM-GNA’s activities are centered on the development and hunting of our beloved breed. With the opportunity to attend all Club events, you will develop friendships and memories based on the common goal of nurturing the best possible KlM for fellow hunters.

As a member you will receive:

  • Six issues of the KlM Magazine (in German), key articles from each issue will be translated into English
  • Regular “President’s Letters” and other Club updates
  • FCI pedigrees for approved dogs
  • Invitations to JGHV training seminars and other Club training events
  • Access to JGHV testing and KlM-GNA Breed Shows
  • Access to the “Dogbase” breeding program and breeding consultation
  • Support from our German parent club and KlM-International Clubs in acquiring puppies and semen for breeding
  • Support from fellow members in training, testing, breeding, and hunting opportunities
  • Access to the Members-Only area of the KlM-GNA website with articles on training, hunting and developments with our breed in Germany and in other KlM-International member countries
  • Opportunity to attend the KlM-GNA Annual Conference with hunting and educational opportunities as well as ample time for networking and socializing with members from around the U.S.A. and Canada
  • Opportunity to attend activities of our parent club in Germany as well as KlM-International activities in other member countries
  • Opportunity to purchase club merchandise, both in North America and from Germany

If you have further questions about how to join KlM-GNA please contact a Board Member. We hope you will join us and take great pride in becoming a member of Kleine Munsterlander-Group North America!

New Membership Application

Renewals may also be submitted through our online store.