Breeding Regulations

KlM-GNA Breeding Regulations


Kleine Münsterländer – Group North America (KlM-GNA) breeds to maintain the profile of the “classic” Kleine Münsterländer, which is a versatile and proficient hunting dog in all three environments: the field, water, and forest.  KlM-GNA fully endorses the core breeding concept of our parent club, Verband für Kleine Münsterländer Vorstehhunde e.V (KlM-Germany), which has been termed “performance breeding.” Performance breeding requires stud dogs and breeding bitches to conform to breed standards at a Breed Show, meet club health standards and demonstrate natural and performance abilities by passing tests of the JGHV (German Versatile Hunting Dog Association).

Fundamentally, GNA abides by the Breeding Regulations of the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer Vorstehhunde e.V (the English language version can be found under “Breeding” at  All breeders and owners of stud dogs are responsible for being familiar with and abiding by these Breeding Regulations. In addition to the requirements contained in the Breeding Regulations, breeders must confirm a paid membership in KlM-GNA and have a provincial (Canada) or state (U.S.A.) hunting license.

As KlM-GNA transitions to becoming a Landesgruppe (a regional chapter of the parent club), we are also working with KlM-Germany to consolidate and develop the existing Kleine Münsterländer breed stock in North America.  Until January 1, 2019, KlM-Germany has therefore agreed to issue F.C.I. pedigrees to all approved KlM-GNA breed stock in North America upon submission of proof of membership in KlM-GNA, current pedigree, hip documents, blood sample, test scores, and conformation evaluation report.

North American KlM which receive F.C.I. pedigrees in compliance with the procedures described above, may receive breeding approval, if they follow transitional regulations agreed upon with KlM-Germany. More specific information on these transitional regulations, general breeding requirements, and administrative procedures for breeders may be obtained from the KlM-GNA Breed Warden.

All offspring of KlM-GNA breedings will automatically receive FCI Pedigrees. For breeding approval, dogs from these pairings will be expected to fulfill the requirements specified in the club’s Breeding Regulations.

All exemptions or deviations from these Breeding Regulations must be discussed with the KlM-GNA Breed Warden and then presented to the Breeding Commission of KlM-Germany, which will make a final decision on exceptions. 

Breeding Regulations

The KlM-GNA Breeding Regulations in their entirety can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on this link:   Breeding Regulations in English, July2015