Steps to Breeding my Dog


The KlM-GNA breeding program follows the Breeding Requirements of Verband für Kleine Münsterländer e.V.. This program is based on performance testing, hip examination, and conformation evaluation. Dogs bred in this program must have proved versatile proficiency in field, water, and forest both before and after the shot. They must also adhere to the F.C.I. Standard for the Kleine Münsterländer after evaluation by a certified KlM judge and fulfill the health requirments set forth in the KlM Breeding Regulations. The intent of this program is to provide the foot hunter with a skilled, reliable hunting dog and an enjoyable family companion with an even temperament.

If you wish to breed your dog you must follow the steps below:

Become a member of KlM-GNA

  1. Contact the GNA Breed Warden
  2. Submit to the Breed Warden: Single Dog Registration Form, Field Test documents, Hip Examination documents, conformation evaluation report and photos of dog/or conformation show report to apply for a KlM-D Registration Pedigree
  3. If you want to breed a bitch you must also: Submit a Kennel Registration and Kennel Inspection form (after inspection by the Breed Warden)
  4. Prior to April 1, 2015 you may breed with only 1 performance test to a dog with 2 levels of performance test. After that date your dog must have completed 2 levels of performance tests.
  5. Pay fees for Kennel Registration and Single Dog Registration to KlM-GNA

If your dog has not previously been approved for breeding

  1. Contact the Breed Warden and follow b. above except if your dog has not had a conformation evaluation arrange for participation in a Breed Show or at the discretion of the Breed Warden (thru 2016) submit video of your dog to the Breed Warden.
  2. After receiving approval to breed you must confer with the Breed Warden about your planned breeding or request assistance in selection of a mate. The final choice of breeding is by the Breeder.
  3. Contact the owner of the selected mate to agree on the breeding.
  4. Contact the Webmaster to place an ad on the KlM-GNA website.
  5. When the pups are born notify the Breed Warden within 5 days.
  6. To register the litter follow Appendix 6 of the Breeding Regulations.
  7. After 7 weeks of age KlM-D microchips must be inserted in the pups by an agent of the Breed Warden and the pups must be examined (the “agent” may be your vet). A copy of the report must be sent to the Breed Warden. Pups may not leave the breeder prior to 8 weeks of age.