Stud Dogs

Stud Dogs Qualified for Breeding

This page lists stud dogs available for breeding in KlM-GNA. It includes field test scores, hip dysplasia rating, ectopic ureter rating and Breed Show results. The owner of the stud dog with contact information is provided.  Also included on this page are notable stud dogs that are now retired from breeding.

KlM-D Stud Dog Page

KlM-GNA has access to all KlM-D stud dogs approved for breeding.  To see current dogs available, please follow this link:  KlM-D Stud Dogs

VDH # 15-0838

Darko vom Stiftsforst
Whelp Date: 10/4/2015
Breeding License Until: 10/4/2025

Color: Braun-weiss
JGHV Tests:
VJP: 70 pts
HZP: 158 pts
Sil (Sight laut)

Breed Show: V/SG (Excellent/Very Good)
Height: 52cm
Hips: HD-A, HQ 0.97
Ureter untersucht

Owner: Tim Farmer
N8457 Fox Run Rd
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
Tel: +1 (608) 697-1671

VDH# 16-0356

Claus vom Gusseisen
Whelp Date: 3/25/2016
Breeding License Until: 3/25/2026

Color: Braunschimmel
JGHV Tests:
VJP: 66 pts
HZP: 151 pts
Spr (Spur laut)

Breed Show: SG/SG (Very Good/Very Good)
Height: 54cm
Hips: HD-A, HQ 1.01
Ureter untersucht

Owner: David Bremer
6008 Grove Circle
Edina, MN 55436


VDH # 17-0475

Carsten von Julson
Whelp Date: 04/19/2017
Breeding License Until: 04/19/2027

Color: Hellschimmel
JGHV Tests:
VJP: 64 pts
HZP: 171 pts, LE=11
Sil (Sight laut)

Breed Show: G-SG (Good/Very Good)
Height: 56cm
Hips: HD-A, HQ 1.04
Ureter untersucht

Owner: John Nolan
Hardwick, MA 01082
Phone: 860-716-7797

VDH # 18-0220

Olaf II aus der Wolfskammer 
Whelp Date: 2/14/2018
Breeding License Until: 2/14/2028

Color: Braun-weiss
JGHV Tests:
VJP: 65 pts
HZP: 186 pts LE=11
Spur (Scent laut)

Breed Show: V/SG (Excellent/Very Good)
Height: 54cm
Hips: HD-A, HQ 1.02
Ureter untersucht

Owner: Mark Holoubek
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Tel: (715) 781-8187

VDH # 19-0247

Enzo vom Stiftsforst
Whelp Date: 02/24/2019
Breeding License Until: 02/24/2029

Color: Braunschimmel
JGHV Tests:
Corona Test: good, 3 pts
HZP: 176 pts, LE=10
Sil (Sight laut)

Breed Show: SG-SG (Very Good/Very Good)
Height: 55cm
Hips: HD-A, HQ 0.95
Ectopic Ureter: A

Owner: Gordon Cashin
Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: 919-749-0442

VDH #18-905

Arlo vom Eiswald
Whelp Date: 10/09/2018
Breeding License Until: 10/09/2028

Color: Braunschimmel
JGHV Tests:
VJP: SG, 4 (Corona Test)
HZP: 180 pts  LE=10
 Spur (Scent laut)

Breed Show: SG/V (Very Good/Excellent)
Height: 54cm
Hips: HD-B, HQ 0.97
Ureter (A)

Owner: Jason Spiegel
Hugo, MN 55038
Tel: (715) 937-1805