Kleine (Small) Munsterlander Puppies and Dogs for Sale

This page lists the planned or existing litters of Kleine Munsterlanders (also known as Small Munsterlanders) produced by Breeder Members of KlM-GNA.  The breeding of the Kleine Munsterlander within KlM-GNA aims to provide the hunter a versatile dog in field, forest, and water. Its hunting abilities, stable nature, functional form and robust health enable the dog to fulfill hunting requirements before and after the shot. The sire and dam have been judged free of hip dysplasia and other serious genetic defects. They have completed hunt tests proving their versatile hunting abilities, and have been judged to have physical structure capable of the required work.

The temperament of breeding dogs is expected to be stable making it easy to train and able to be a loving member of his/her family. With good training and a well socialized environment, it is expected the puppies will exhibit these same traits.

With the purchase of a puppy, you will receive a pedigree allowing your pup to train and test within the German Hunting Dog Association, JGHV. Additionally, your puppy is guaranteed, until the end of the fifth year of life to be free of hip dysplasia and epilepsy. If your pup is found to have either condition and it is documented as required in the Appendix 5 of the Breeding Regulations, KlM-D will provide you with a onetime compensation in the amount of 500 euro.


Vom Eiswald’s “A Litter”
(Expected whelp date is early October 2018)


Alberta von Julson x Darko vom Stiftsforst

Berda’s Statistics:
VDH/KlM#: 16-0257
Braunschimmel, Whelped: 3/4/2016, 53 cm
Hips: HD-A, HQ 1.00
Form/Coat Rating: SG/SG

JGHV Testing:
VJP 72
HZP 180
VGP 244 (Prize III)
Sight Laut

Bear’s Statistics:
VDH# 15-0838
Braun-weiss, Whelped: 10/4/15, 52 cm
Hips: HD-A, HQ 0.97
Form/Coat Rating: V/SG

JGHV Testing:
VJP 70
HZP 158
Sight Laut

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