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Where in the world was Jim and why?

Recently, Jim Julson had the opportunity to take two of his females to Germany to be bred with two outstanding males.  It was an amazing experience!  The friendship and hospitality was incredible, as always!


While he was there, he was able to meet and visit with the canine reproduction division of the University at Munich.

KlM-GNA will be working with them to harvest semen from select KlM German males to be sent to the USA for KlM-GNA use.  These are just a couple of examples of the extraordinary relationship and support we have with our German friends and KlM-Germany!!

Institute of Canine Biology offering online courses for breeders

Breeders and stud dog owners are encouraged to check out the homepage of the Institute of Canine Biology which offers a variety of online courses on canine genetics, health issues and other topics important to a breed club like KlM-GNA.

The goal of the Institute of Canine Biology is “…to provide a global hub for interaction between scientists and dog breeders, as well as information, research tools, and expertise in all aspects of dog biology.

The Institute of Canine Biology offers varying levels of membership and is present on Facebook as ICB Institute of Canine Biology and as a Facebook group “ICB Breeding for the Future”.

KlM-GNA member Mary Standiford featured in KlM Magazine

Mary Standiford is a member of KlM-GNA and the first breeder in North America who has bred a litter with dogs which have fulfilled the German breeding requirements.  To mark this special occasion, the club magazine of KlM-Germany, Kleine Münsterländer, interviewed Mary for an article which will appear in the September-October issue.  In the interview she speaks of her enthusiasm for the Kleine Münsterländer, her expectations from the future Landesgruppe and about hunting in the U.S.A.

The article in its entirety can be read at:  KLM Magazine, Issue #5, Inteview with Mary Standiford