August Training Day at Krieger’s Ridge

Training Day, August 2015

On Saturday, August 8th, members of KlM-GNA and guests gathered at Krieger’s Ridge Kennels for a pleasant and productive Training Day. Though the weather forecast pointed to hot and humid weather, handlers and their dogs were treated to excellent training conditions throughout the entire day under overcast skies, a pleasant breeze and very agreeable temperatures.

Half the group focused on general field work in anticipation of the upcoming hunting season, while the other group carried out training exercises required for the two primary JGHV (German Versatile Hunting Dog Association) Fall tests, the HZP (Fall Breed Test) and the VGP (Association Utility Test). Throughout the day, the diverse group of mostly KlM owners utilized the full expanse of Barb Krieger’s beautiful 80-acre property, located about 45 miles north of Milwaukee. While one group worked in one of the field areas on feathered game, the other group laid blood tracks in the forest and practiced game drags in other areas of the property.

After a lunch mixed with lots of dog talk and KlM-GNA merchandise sales, those handlers still remaining continued their training in the forest and field, before finishing the day with water work in the dense cover of the small ponds ideally suited for short blind retrieves. At the end of the day, each dog and handler team was able to successfully complete nearly all of their training objectives, whether in the field, forest or water.