2020 KlM Calendars just in time for Christmas!!

We just  received a notice from the USPS that a box of 30 KlM calendars from Germany will be delivered in the next couple days.  If you wish to order a 2020 calendar, please email Ken Bremer (kwbremer@gmail.com) your order as soon as possible, so we can send them out to you in the next couple weeks. The calendars cost $30 (includes shipping) and have wonderful photos and short sayings in German about hunting and our dogs. Looking at the cover photo, it looks like these KlM could be our dogs.

Orders can be made by going to the main menu at the top, choose “Shop”, then “KlM Merchandise” and find the merchandise item. Or, go directly to the product page at www.klm-gna.org/product/2020-klm-calendar. Due to limited quantities, we’ve password protected this page in order to ensure KlM-GNA members have the chance to place their orders first.  Also due to the limited number available, purchases will be limited to one (1) calendar per order until January 1, 2020.