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KlM-GNA Attends Pheasant Fest 2016

Interested Hunter

The KlM-GNA Pheasant Fest booth was well attended in spite of 70 degree days in Kansas City. John Liscovitz with Frodo and Darcy, Adam Roth with Colbi and Anne, and Bobbe Carney with Yana and Beans manned the booth for the 3 day event. Attendees were very interested to learn about our dogs, the formation and purpose of our club, and our testing and breeding program. The calm demeanor and friendliness of our dogs is always a hit at Pheasant Fest. We expect to see several new members and puppy buyers generated from what they learned at the GNA booth. Thanks to all who helped spread the good news about the Kleine Munsterlander and Group North America!

Pheasant Fest Booth 2016 Yana at Pheasant Fest Young Hunter and Yana John, Frodo, and Darcy

KlM-GNA Holds Annual Member Meeting

The KlM-GNA Annual Member Meeting 2016 took place on February 6, 2016, via teleconference. The primary purpose of the Annual Member Meeting was to review and report on KlM-GNA activities in 2015 and provide an outlook on plans for 2016. First, Board officers reported on the club’s overall mission, its current membership status, achievements in testing and breeding, the yearend financial position, and international connections with parent club Verband für Kleine Münsterländer, its international affiliates and the JGHV (German Versatile Hunting Dog Association).

Looking forward to 2016, participants learned about proposed amendents to the parent club’s Bylaws and Breeding Regulations, which will be voted upon at the Annual General Meeting in Fulda, Germany, on March 19, 2016. Finally, information was shared on activities planned in 2016:

  • Booth at Pheasant Fest 2016 in Kansas City
  • Ongoing implementation of the club’s Breed Strategy
  • Training and testing opportunities
  • Board elections for President, Vice President and Breed Warden
  • First Annual Conference in Pierre, South Dakota
  • Further improvements in the website and social media presence

Reports by Board Members and other documents discussed during the meeting will be available to all members in the Member Area of the KlM-GNA website.  For questions or comments, please contact Secretary Ken Bremer. Tel. 312.375.2796, E-Mail:

KlM-GNA Exhibits at Pheasant Fest 2016

2016 National Pheasant Fest
Kansas City Convention Center
Kansas City, MO
Dates: February 19-21, 2016

Join us at Booth 942 in introducing our wonderful KlM and KlM-GNA to the upland hunting community! If you can help one day or multiple days it would be greatly appreciated.

This is how it works: We have our dogs on display in our booth which will be along side other JGHV breed clubs. People will come up to the booth and ask questions about our dogs such as their qualities as family pets, their abilities in the field, and health of the breed. They love petting the dogs and we get to brag about our breed. It’s easy because we all love our dogs!

We will also talk about our breed club, why we formed, how our breeding dogs are evaluated for a breeding license, and our relationship with our parent club, KlM-D. If you are unsure of some of these topics, don’t worry you can listen to others and by the end of the day you will be a pro!

We will have our dogs out in shifts because the days are long and both we and the dogs get tired. It will be helpful if you can bring a crate, water for your dog, and refreshments for yourself. Your dog should always be on leash when out of the crate and be willing to have fairly close contact with strangers and other dogs. This shouldn’t be a problem for our dogs. Females in season could create problems with males, so it would be best to leave them at home, but we would still love to have you there to help out if you are available.

One of the benefits of helping out in the booth is that you receive a free pass and can also fully participate in Pheasant Fest. Be sure to take time to tour the whole event. See the attachments for more information.

Let’s make a great showing within the German versatile hunting dog community!

If you can help, please contact Bobbe Carney at: or call (Home) 319-883-8528 or (Cell) 319-883-0380