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JGV-USA Training Day at Kelly Farms on June 20th-21st

“Kelly Farms” near Hugo, Minnesota, is the premiere versatile hunting dog training area in the Upper Midwest with 3,500 acres of superb fields, woods and water, all of which are well suited to preparing your dog for an HZP or VGP. Kelly Farms will once again be the site of the 2015 Oberländer HZP from October 7-9, 2015.

Those who have completed the VJP and are now preparing to participate in the HZP, the second of the so-called “Association (JGHV) Breed Tests”, shouldn’t miss this opportunity to train your dogs with fellow JGV-USA members, judges and trainers.


Here is the event flyer:  June 2015 Training Day Agenda

Contact Person:  Dan Ritter  651-785-5659 or;


Institute of Canine Biology offering online courses for breeders

Breeders and stud dog owners are encouraged to check out the homepage of the Institute of Canine Biology which offers a variety of online courses on canine genetics, health issues and other topics important to a breed club like KlM-GNA.

The goal of the Institute of Canine Biology is “…to provide a global hub for interaction between scientists and dog breeders, as well as information, research tools, and expertise in all aspects of dog biology.

The Institute of Canine Biology offers varying levels of membership and is present on Facebook as ICB Institute of Canine Biology and as a Facebook group “ICB Breeding for the Future”.