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Former President of KlM Germany to Attend Oberlaender 2014

bdj2The Board of KlM-GNA was recently informed that Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen, a former President of KlM Germany, founder of KlM International and a well-known, respected figure in the German versatile hunting dog world, will attend the Oberlaender HZP as a performance and conformation judge.  After judging at the HZP tests on Thursday and Friday, September 11-12, he will preside over the KlM Breed Show and speak about the Kleine Munsterlander at the Parade of Breeds on Saturday, before joining the KlM-GNA club meeting on Sunday, September 14th.

Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen is 72 years old, and has owned and handled hunting dogs (Dachshund and Kleine Münsterländer) for 38 years.  He has been a JGHV performance and blood-track judge for 30 years.  He is a special conformation judge and judge trainer for the KlM breed.

For 10 years, Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen was the President of the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer Vorstehhunde e.V., a club with over 5,000 members and 16 regional Landesgruppen.  (The KlM is the third most popular versatile hunting dog in Germany, after the DD and DK.)  He was the founder of KlM-International in 2004 and has served as its President until 2014 when he will “hand over the reins” to KlM Germany President, Dietrich Berning.

Though “officially” retired, Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen continues to work as a business consultant and advisor for the two firms which he established, Mentis Consulting, a successful HR consulting firm, and Perkura GmbH, a leading provider of outsourcing services.

Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen lives in the town of Schwabach, just outside of Nurnberg with his wife Edda and Charly, a young Kleine Munsterlander. He continues to be an avid hunter, who oversees a large hunting area outside of Nürnberg, Germany.

KlM-GNA prepares for Oberlaender 2014

On September 10-13, dogs and handlers representing the primary JGHV (German Versatile Hunting Dog Assocation) breed clubs will gather in Hugo, Minnesota for the 2nd Annual Oberlaender HZP (“Herbstzuchtprüfung“ or „Fall Breed Test“) and Breed Shows.  Hosted by the JGV-USA, the event is unique in the annual German testing schedule.  The Oberlaender brings together 35+ dogs and their handlers from most of the German versatile breeds for two days of testing (Thursday-Friday), concluding with a festive, traditional awards ceremony and banquet on Friday evening after the tests.  The Oberlaender then continues on Saturday, when individual breed clubs organize their own Breed Shows, followed by a picnic lunch and the “Parade of Breeds”, a special exhibition and presentation on the history and qualities of each breed represented at the Oberlaender.  Last year, over 100 dogs—from the youngest puppies to gray-haired, wizened grandmas and grandpas—paraded around the show ring in an entertaining display of the best of the breeds.

More information on these events can be found on the JGV-USA website:

The Oberlaender is also an important event for KlM-Group North America.  Firstly, eligible KlM will participate in the HZP or second test in the triad of German tests for versatile hunting dogs (VJP, HZP and VGP).  Those dogs passing the test are eligible for breeding, provided they have also met the club’s conformation and health requirements.

Secondly, KlM and their owners will have a golden opportunity to participate in a Breed (or Conformation) Show during which the physique, coat and movement of your dog will be evaluated by skilled conformation judges.  As to the significance of a Breed Show, KlM-GNA Breed Warden Bobbe Carney notes:  “Breed Shows are a cornerstone for breeding approval in KlM-GNA. They provide evaluation of a prospective breeding candidate in order to maintain the physical characteristics expected in a Kleine Munsterlander based on the FCI standard of the breed.” (See “Breed Shows” on the KlM-GNA website for more information).

Finally, on Sunday morning, September 14th, KlM-GNA will hold a Club Meeting at the event hotel, the Best Western Plus in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  According to KlM-GNA President John Liscovitz, “The club meeting is really our Annual Meeting in 2014 and will offer a great opportunity to meet other members and discuss our progress in becoming a Landesgruppe of the German parent club.”

For this inaugural meeting of KlM-GNA we will be joined by former President of the German KlM club, Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen, who will be available to talk about a whole range of issues concerning our club, but also about the KlM in Germany and abroad, the versatile hunting dog movement in Germany, hunting conditions in Europe and a host of other issues relevant to the global versatile hunting dog community.

More details on the KlM-GNA program at the Oberlaender will follow soon.

Training Days at Krieger’s Ridge

Bobbe Carney and Dick Jensen preparing for field work

Bobbe Carney and Dick Jensen preparing for field work

On August 2-3 KlM-GNA members and friends gathered for a weekend of versatile dog training on the premises of Krieger Ridge Kennel, located north of Milwaukee on 80 acres of Wisconsin farmland.  The weekend offered a variety of training activities for beginners and experienced handlers alike.  Under the guiding eye of Dick Jensen, an experienced hunter and trainer with years of experience in the German testing system, KlM owners had an opportunity to work on the whole range of abilities characteristic of the Kleine Münsterländer:  from field work on feathered game, to land retrieves on rabbits and ducks, to retrieving work in the ponds on Barb Krieger’s beautiful, well-kept property.  Those training their KlM to perform an independent duck search travelled 20 minutes to Dundee Pond, where dogs could display their willingness to swim, persistence and strength of character in tracking down elusive and well-hidden water fowl. All in all, the weekend was a successful gathering of Kleine Munsterlander and their owners, including first-rate training opportunities but also time to meet new people and chat about dogs, training, the direction of the new club and the upcoming hunting season.

Chatting under the shade of a tree

Chatting under the shade of a tree